"I am so happy that Trevor Wilkinson and Fret King have made this guitar for me.. It has superb sound and great feel and the kind of range of tones that I find so important.. looks marvellous too."

"Superbly crafted, with a broad sonic palette. Beyond the 335 indeed."

John demonstrates the new signature Fret King Black Label FKV3JE Elise John Etheridge Model. See details at Fret King

Fret King Back Label FKV3JE Elise John Etheridge Model

Over the years I have used countless guitars.

Here are the ones that currently form my main 'on the road' collection.

These are basically the guitars you will see if you come to hear me play at your local dance hall!

Blond (top left)
Steve Toon Montpelier acoustic

Steve calls this a Hybrid, in the sense that it has Gypsy Jazz tones plus extra depth associated with conventional acoustics. Heard on "Small Hotel" cd.

Signature (top middle)
Martyn Booth Signature Series

My main electric. Can be heard on all recent albums
- Alone Live, Small Hotel, Soft Machine Legacy "Live " (next release)

Chandler  Guild
Chandler (top right)
Fender Telecaster with Charvel Neck 

This guitar has 2 bass strings substituted for the E and A . Can be heard on I Didn't Know, Alone Live, Men on Wire cd's.

Guild (bottom left)
Guild solid body with Frets Removed 

Did this in 1976 when I heard Jaco Pastorious! Can be heard on Ash, I Didn't Know, Alone Live, cd's

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